full service bookkeeping

To us, full service doesn’t just include your numbers. We know that some months you need more support than just putting all the transactions in the right buckets. We go beyond your books to include communication support. Our relationship-based services mean you know who’s leading your team, not just sending information to and from a support email.

services include:

classifying transactions

Our team will ensure that all transactions end up tied to the right accounts.

monthly reconciliations of accounts

A process often skipped by the busiest of small business owners. We ensure your records match your bank statements. This enables us to identify any errors, proactively identify out of the ordinary spending trends, potential fraud, or embezzlement.

financial statements & reports with advisory review

Ready to get into the details? Throughout the year, we’ll present and discuss your financial statements and reports. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of what the numbers mean. At the end of the year, annual financial statements will be delivered directly to your CPA or tax professional. 

one hour of 1-on-1 direct communication

Talk with a real person who knows what’s going on with your financial statements. 

unlimited email support 

Yes, unlimited. We’d much rather you ask us a question than spend hours spinning your wheels. We know you’re busy, we are too, that’s why we trust you’ll spend time focused on asking us questions that are important to keep your books accurate and improve your financial picture.  

quickbooks online subscription (optional)

additional services

quickbooks online setup

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, our preference is QuickBooks Online (QBO). We’ll help you establish your books the right way from the very beginning! Our QBO Setup takes the pressure off and lets us do all the heavy lifting. 

record clean up

We see it all the time. Someone had good intentions, but the books got put on the back burner while the day-to-day operations took priority. Or things were done haphazardly. Now the books are a bit of a mess. We’ve got you. You’re not alone. 

Regardless of the condition of your accounts, we can help pull you back to center and get the books back in order. Pricing is dependent on time and complexity. 

Schedule a consult to discuss how we can help!

process management

Are you ready to delegate even more of your accounting process? We can help with that too! 

  • accounts receivable / invoicing

Let us take invoicing and monitoring of accounts receivable aging off your plate. We will set up vendors, send invoices, even set up online payment options, and keep an eye on your account receivables. 

Please note that while we’re happy to send invoices and manage online payments on your behalf, we do not perform collections activity.

  • accounts payable

Allow us to assist in setting up checks for you so all you have to do is hit print! Want to make it even simpler? We can even set up online bill pay options to pay your vendors and/or contractors. 

payroll management

Ah, Payroll. We all love to hate payroll management. We have relationships with QuickBooks Online Payroll, Gusto, and ADP. 

  • setup employees and owners 

Send us your employee information and W-4s and we’ll set up your employees with manual checks or direct deposit. Have contractors? We can run their checks too. 

  • run payroll

Choose the cycle that works for your business and we’ll run your payroll whether your employees are hourly or salaried.

  • payroll tax forms

A huge benefit of us assisting with your payroll is we help ensure your payroll taxes are submitted timely.

additional support & training

Want more?! We’re happy to oblige. Reach out to add on additional one-on-one direct support or individual training.

Dream Accounting Solutions periodically offers a webinar series to help you increase your comfort in all things QuickBooks Online. 

ready to live your dream and stop spending time on bookkeeping?

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