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helping small businesses succeed.

It’s no secret: without expert bookkeepers, most small business owners would be in way over their heads, putting their businesses at risk of financial ruin.

But if bookkeepers are so important, why do traditional accounting firms treat them so badly? 

Shoved into cubicles with long, inflexible hours, no opportunities for growth, and a complete disregard for individuals’ physical and mental health, it’s no wonder accounting professionals like you feel stuck and frustrated. 

At Dream Accounting Solutions, we believe the world has changed. Work should complement your life, not control it.

That’s why we do things differently. As a virtual accounting and bookkeeping team, we have the expertise and flexibility to offer our clients impeccable results while still leaving space for life. 

We’re done with work/life balance. Instead we build work/life synergy–the idea that doing good work is essential, but life always takes priority. 

You should give it a try.

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what we do:

Most business owners struggle to get a clear picture of the financial health of their company. At Dream Accounting Solutions, we work with small businesses to organize, maintain and understand their finances so they can truly succeed.


our culture:

Life and family come first! Our team of professionals offer premium services to our clients, but we also see each team member as a person first, and value their roles as parents, spouses, friends, and humans. 


our values:

  • Pro-Women: We support women and women-owned businesses
  • Trust: We believe in our team and their ability to produce high-quality work
  • Growth: All people deserve the opportunity to advance in their careers
  • Professionalism: We deliver flawless work that supports our clients’ needs
  • Flexibility: We value our team members’ time and prioritize their life and health
  • Freedom: We trust our team members to be self-starters 


what is working at dream accounting solutions like?

We might be biased, but we think it’s pretty great! As a virtual office, you’ll work from home (or whatever other location with reliable internet that you choose). We’ll be in contact regularly over zoom and through our project management software to give you assignments and check in.

will I have a set schedule?

Yes and no. Your will need to be available for team meetings at set times during the week, but you have the opportunity for freedom and flexibility in the schedule as long as you’re getting the work done on time and meeting hard deadlines.

what kind of clients do you work with?

We work with small businesses–from solopreneurs to companies with 15-20 employees. Our clients are passionate about what they do and rely on us to help keep their financials organized and well maintained.

how are you pro-women?

We are women owned and operated, and love to work with other companies that are women owned and operated. This doesn’t mean that we don’t work for or with men–it just means that we look to support women both in their careers and as parents.

do I have to live in a certain place to work at dream accounting solutions?

We are based in Colorado Springs, CO, but as a virtual office, we work with clients and team members across the country. As long as you have internet access, you’re good to go.